Moving Is a Time Waster

The lack of posts here requires a slight explanation.  It’s due to a recent move to a new home and WOW…what a time waster!  We moved into a place that ended up needing a little extra elbow grease to make it our own, meaning that my time online was diminished greatly over the past 2 weeks.  Now that life is starting to get back to “normal,” I’m going to try

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fresh content writing

Does Fresh Content Rank Better?

Fresh content is important from an SEO standpoint, so let me get that right out there at the beginning of this post.  From a practical standpoint, I would suggest that it’s even more important.  There’s nothing worse than going to a blog’s front page and noticing that the last time they posted was last year!  There’s plenty of talk in the SEO community though about how fresh content ranks better

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