Why Designing a Website is a Lot Like Running A Restaurant

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If you’ve ever watched the popular television show, “Kitchen Nightmares” chances are you’re familiar with Gordon Ramsay and his colourful kitchen commentary. A world-class chef, Ramsay spends a great deal of his time trying to help failing restaurants bounce back from the brink of disaster. And while Ramsay’s potty mouth may be out of line at times, his advice is normally spot on.

In fact, after watching a few episodes, Chris Dugas, ZOO’s Partner & Managing Director couldn’t help but draw a few parallels between running a successful restaurant and designing a top-notch website. “Think whatever you want of Mr. Ramsay,” says Dugas with a smile, “but a lot of what he says in his abrasive and caustic manner can be used to improve your online presence.”

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking!

Tip #1 – Clean Up Your Menu

Extended restaurant menus are confusing. When owners try to put up as much food as possible, chances are none of it tastes very good. Too much variety can be a bad decision, both in the kitchen and on the web.

Too many websites these days are overflowing with information. So much information that it makes finding what you’re looking for next to impossible! Too much varied or abstract content won’t help your site, so take a tip from the restaurant business and streamline your navigation menu and website content. Focus on the really important areas of your business, the things that your customers are likely to be looking for when they hit your website. Your conversion rates will increase, as will your search engine rankings.

Tip #2 – Redecorate

Bad restaurant decor is the kiss of death. A clean, well thought-out dining room can make a world of difference in a failing restaurant because it elevates the eatery’s status with customers and helps them feast with their eyes first!

The same goes for a badly designed website. Some website designs can look clunky. Cleaning up your design will make your site more appealing to visitors and help you change the perception of your brand.

Tips #3 – Prepare Food Your Guests Want to Eat

Most restaurant owners are stubborn. They believe that they know exactly what their customers want, even when their customers tell them they’re wrong! Restaurants that are struggling to fill tables are often suffering because their owners refuse to accept feedback and make a change.

This stubbornness is even more apparent with some website designers. Some website designers will put whatever they want on a website, even if it has the potential to send visitors away. Just because a feature is “revolutionary” or “exciting” doesn’t mean that it will benefit your visitors. Remember, it’s not your website, it’s the visitor’s site. Park your ego at the door. Add features that will help improve their experience.

Tip #4 – Don’t Cut Corners

Diners can always tell if a restaurant uses quality ingredients. The food just looks, smells, and tastes better. Restaurants that aim high and strive to maintain the highest standards succeed – plain and simple.

Cutting corners on your website can have fatal results. So don’t cheap out! Investing in a quality website design now will benefit your business for many years to come. What you put into your website will come out of it. Make sure you’re putting in the best ingredients.

If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen! Or better yet, give the London Ontario website design experts at Blake Strategies Group or ZOO Media Group a call. ZOO’s mouth watering website designs are sure to be a big hit with your online customers and will keep them coming back for more!


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