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A few years ago the common mantra of most SEO experts was “create good quality content” and your traffic will increase.

Most SEO companies convinced clients that weekly blog posts would be what was needed to rank a website on the front page of Google and they needed to continue doing it if they wanted to retain that position. This was the industry standard and the results were often “ok”, if not mediocre

While this holds true today to a certain extent, using the “post and pray” method is certainly not the best use of your digital/content marketing efforts.

I will be the first to admit that it “might” work in certain situations if your content somehow gets in front of the right audience, but a better solution is for YOU to get your content in front of an audience by reaching out and finding them.


What is Content Promotion?

Content promotion basically means that you create content for your blog or another web property and then go about the process of driving traffic to that content. Hoping and praying that someone will find your content is far too passive if you want to have more than mediocre results.

Finding the right audience involves networking, emailing, being social on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many other social platforms to build relationships with other people in a similar niche that may share your content.

Time to become a social butterfly.

We all know people like that in the “real world.” They float in and out of social situations with ease. They can talk to anyone in any situation, about anything and they thrive on it. If you’re NOT one of those people, you know how hard it can be to “put yourself out there.”

The same holds true in the digital space, except that you can quite easily “hide” behind the screen so you aren’t as exposed as if you were mingling at a party full of strangers.

Content promotion isn’t a new concept, but it has been getting more visibility recently because of a few blog posts written by industry heavy-weights that expose just how content promotion works.

While you could wade through dozens of blog posts on the topic, written by a number experts in the digital marketing industry, I’ve summarized the best pieces of advice that I have read recently on the topic. These posts are written by experts in the industry that have gained the trust of the Digital Marketing community because they bring real value to our businesses and the businesses of our clients.

Below are 3 of the BEST Content Marketing, Strategy & Promotion blog posts that I’ve read recently. on Content Strategy – Brian Dean is one of the best experts in content promotion/strategy in the past year. His posts have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people who love his no-nonsense, get to the point approach. He’s like a breath of fresh air in an industry with tips that are often vague and usually leave the reader with a lot of holes to fill in yourself. – Advanced Content Marketing Guide – Neil Patel is one of the most recognized names in the SEO/Digital Marketing industry. He consistently writes helpful guides and blog posts that have helped millions of agencies and business owners to grow their businesses online. – How to Promote your content across owned, earned and paid media” – Written by Matthew Gratt who leads Buzzstream’s marketing and growth initiatives, this helpful post is packed full of useful information that you can implement right away.


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