Google Page #1 Rankings Fast

Did this title get your attention?

That’s exactly what it was meant to do and apparently it worked or you may not be reading this. 🙂

SEO companies and “experts” will use phrases like this to suggest that they have the silver bullet, the magic touch, the secret formula to blast your website to the first page of Google in no time. They make an unrealistic claim like the one in the title of this post, hastily take a clients money and they run fast before the client realizes that it either didn’t work or it was a momentary gain.

Real SEO takes time, it takes work, it takes immense creativity and it takes consistent movement in a single direction. Gone are the days when you could blast a bunch of links or submit your website to a thousand directories, or get 500 social bookmarks and see a significant gain in your website rankings quickly. Google has caught on to all these games and is working hard to make sure the websites that occupy the number one spots actually deserve to be there.

Those involved in the more under-handed world of SEO groan and complain that their methods aren’t working. They search all over the internet for answers, discuss it on forums and spend all kinds of time testing to see what might work now. Instead of trying to game the system, here’s a thought: JUST BUILD A WEBSITE WITH GOOD CONTENT THAT DESERVES TO BE ON PAGE ONE! It’s a novel idea isn’t it? This seems pretty obvious, yet it’s overlooked by most people. It actually points to a much bigger problem that I realized as I was at the grocery store recently.

We want everything fast

My local grocery store implemented a new debit system a few months ago and it’s annoyed me tremendously. I slide my card in the chip reader and then I wait…and wait…and wait some more. It’s seriously slow. Much slower than any other system at any other retail establishment around. Way to go Superstore…It’s annoying. But is it really a big deal that I have to wait an extra 7 seconds in the checkout line? Am I that busy that I can’t wait a few more seconds?

Our society can get almost anything we want, when we want it. If you don’t believe me, here’s just a few examples:

– We can heat up almost anything in a microwave in just a few minutes.
– If you don’t have money to buy that new car, computer, TV etc, buy it on credit now instead of saving.
– 3 Mbps internet is way to slow. We can now get 18 Mbps internet…or faster.
– When someone doesn’t reply to my text messages within 20 seconds, I’m annoyed.

The list goes on and on.

The fact that clients want to work with an SEO company that can get their website onto page one of Google practically overnight is just another example of how our society has changed to wanting everything NOW. As a person in the SEO business, I can’t really blame my clients when they say things like “I hope I can be on page 1 by next week.” They don’t really understand how much work it takes to get there and the various factors that go into it. They just assume that because they can get anything else that they want in no time at all, why not get their website onto page one right away?

SEOMOZ, one of the most respected SEO companies in the US wrote a great post about this very subject that I thought would be a great way to end this post. Enjoy!

SEO Isn’t Magic – So Stop Doing SEO Tricks


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