social media marketing

Social Media for Business – You’re Doing It All Wrong

Being active on social media is essential to the success of every small business. Everyone is connected through social media networks. It is through social media that people tend to discover the hottest and latest trends. If you don’t have followers, you’re not connecting with your customers and your audience and you’re being left behind. Although many businesses know this and try to engage with customers via social media platforms,

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online business

Online Business in 3 Parts

When talking about SEO and Online Marketing, you would expect that the conversation would be all about SEO and Online Marketing. Well; success with SEO and Online Marketing extends beyond just a good search engine ranking so there’s no way we can limit a discussion to just these elements. Below I have outlined 3 basic needs when talking about online marketing and the last one may surprise you, but it

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seo or sem

Why SEM & SEO Might Not Be The Answer

This is a post that you likely wouldn’t see many Search Engine Optimization & Marketing professionals writing, but honesty compels me to write it!  SEO is effective and every website needs to be working on their search engine marketing/optimization strategy, but sometimes it’s necessary to back the truck up and look at more foundational business principles first. In order for any business to market itself online or offline, the first

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Authenticity in Marketing

About 6 or 7 years ago I went into a mattress store, looking for a mattress that was a little softer.  Because of the overly slick and annoying tactics of the mattress salesman, I walked out with a mattress (well…they delivered it) with a mattress that cost WAY more than I should have spent and more than I could afford.  The mattress salesman was slick…almost to the point of sleezy.

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local citations

Your Online Brochure Isn’t Working…

When websites were first introduced, it was revolutionary. No longer did a business need to get a paper brochure into the hands of your prospective customers. The business owner simply pointed their prospects to their website address and the customer could get information about the company right from their company website. For the first 5 years or more, this was amazing and worked fairly well. We all thought this new

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Cheaper vs. Better

Why is it that we’re willing to pay for quality products or services in some aspects of our life, but not all? Sometimes it comes down to budget and we just don’t have the money for what we want, so we look for the least expensive option, but in other areas we don’t mind paying for better quality because we realize that we’re getting a vastly different product or service.

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seven seconds

7 Seconds Isn’t Much Time…

In the retail business it’s widely known that customers will make a first impression in a very short amount of time; as little as 7 seconds is what has been suggested. That’s why stores spend a fortune on fixtures, lighting and they train staff to greet customers immediately, to make sure that your first impression is a good one. Take that same concept and move the business online and this

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Google Page #1 Rankings Fast

Did this title get your attention? That’s exactly what it was meant to do and apparently it worked or you may not be reading this. 🙂 SEO companies and “experts” will use phrases like this to suggest that they have the silver bullet, the magic touch, the secret formula to blast your website to the first page of Google in no time. They make an unrealistic claim like the one

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seo is a scam

SEO is a Scam

I have heard this statement on more than one occasion and for anyone in the SEO business, this is not exactly what we want to hear. SEO has grown in popularity in the past 5 years as people have realized that just having a website may not be enough to get the results that they want, but is there truth to this statement? Is SEO a scam? This is not

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