Second Page; First Loser

A sobering reminder for any SEO professional or website owner desperately trying to crack the front page of the search engines.

A staggering 75% of internet users never go past the first page when searching in Google!

The sad reminder of this fact is that if your website isn’t on the first page of Google, your website is only performing at maximum – 25% capacity in terms of it’s search engine traffic capacity.  Even scarier is that the coveted page #1 position has only 10 spots available and there are thousands, hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of websites are competing for that spot.  If you don’t bring your A-Game to your SEO efforts, someone else will.  When that happens, you end up on page 2, 5, 18, or 72!

You might be happy being on page #2 in a Google search, but all that means is that you’re the first loser.

I’m not trying to be harsh or insensitive, but rather make your realize that “good enough” doesn’t cut it in the SEO world.  You need to be on page one for as many search terms as possible and you need to work hard to stay in that position.  Every day that you’re not in the number one spot, you’re losing out on potential customers and sales. Your competitor who holds the page #1 spot for your optimum keywords is essentially taking your customers from you.

Don’t just sit back and let your website be a victim of your lack of time, experience, expertise or laziness.  Take charge of your SEO efforts, or let someone else take charge of them.

Your website is an investment not an expense.  It should have an ROI.

If your website has only ever been an expense, you’ve been doing something wrong.  A website costs money to build and maintain, but it should have a fairly tangible ROI.  You should be getting leads through your website, and leads that convert to sales or clients and this is something you should be able to measure.

The difference between a poor performing website and one that bring in sales/customers/leads/prospects is a very thin line because quite often it’s not the actual website that’s the problem. It’s the website’s search engine rankings that are preventing the website from reaching out and touching your prospective clients/customers.

An SEO audit and strategy can solve this!



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