Cheaper vs. Better

Why is it that we’re willing to pay for quality products or services in some aspects of our life, but not all?

Sometimes it comes down to budget and we just don’t have the money for what we want, so we look for the least expensive option, but in other areas we don’t mind paying for better quality because we realize that we’re getting a vastly different product or service.

Here’s what I mean:

When you want your car fixed, you have the option to take your brand new Mercedes-Benz to the dealer at a cost of over $100/hr, or you can opt for the less expensive local mechanic that may charge $65 or $75 per hour.  Chances are good that even though the first option is more money, you will choose it because you know that the Mercedes dealer will do the job correctly.  They know your car and they have the genuine parts that it will need.

Another example of cheaper vs. better is when you set out to buy a new pair of shoes.  You can go to Wal-Mart and buy just about any style of shoes you might ever want at less than $50.  So why is it that you don’t mind paying $150 for a pair of Clarke’s or Rockports?  It’s because there’s a difference in quality which you don’t mind paying for.

Now let’s bring this concept into the world of SEO, websites and online marketing.  There are all kinds of people offering a website for prices from $100 to $10,000. There are “SEO experts” that offer their services for $10/hr while others charge $250/hr.  If you’re a bargain-hunter, you may be drawn to the $100 option and you decide it’s best solely based on the low price.  The trouble with doing this, just like the car dealer or your new shoes is that there’s a good chance you’re not getting the same thing.  You’re not comparing apples to apples.

Price can only be one of many considerations when choosing an SEO company or website designer.  It shouldn’t be the only criteria or you risk getting something that’s vastly different than what you actually need.

Cheaper rarely equals better…


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