seo or sem

Why SEM & SEO Might Not Be The Answer

This is a post that you likely wouldn’t see many Search Engine Optimization & Marketing professionals writing, but honesty compels me to write it!  SEO is effective and every website needs to be working on their search engine marketing/optimization strategy, but sometimes it’s necessary to back the truck up and look at more foundational business principles first. In order for any business to market itself online or offline, the first

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is better always better

Is Better Always Better?

This post is more of a question (and maybe a rant) since I don’t actually have a solution!  Here’s my thought process and why I decided to write about this: Sitting in Starbucks, as I often do, I have started to notice how loud it has become.  I go to Starbucks because I like the buzz of the crowd, I like the vibe and I like the products.  Their coffee

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