Do You Need An SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is the foundation of an SEO campaign because it gives us an understanding of the factors affecting a websites search engine rankings. Until we do an SEO audit, we can’t fully understand what we need to do in order for your website to be a success.


SEO Panic…

The usual scenario unfortunately goes like this:  A company realizes that their website is under-performing in the search engine rankings so they start doing completely random activities like link building or article marketing in a flurry of activity, trying to get their website rankings to improve.  It’s a panicked approach to taking action and often fails because activity apart from a strategy is an inefficient way to spend your SEO efforts and may even lead to a penalty.

A better approach is to have an SEO audit completed to get a full picture of where your website stands, the issues affecting your rankings and the solutions to improve.  This method offers a more methodical approach to SEO and is a must for any company or organization serious about website rankings.


What’s included in an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is the starting place that allows us to help you build a strategy.  The SEO audit addresses many factors including:

  • Keyword Research, Placement & Anchor Text
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Data
  • Response Codes (404, 301, 302 etc.,)
  • Sitemap, Robots.txt & .htacess Analysis
  • Title Tag & Meta Information review
  • On-site & Off-site Content/Media Review (text, video, images)
  • Website Structure & Usability
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Competition Comparison
  • Social Media, Web2.0 & 3.0 property evaluation
  • Up to 2 hours of SEO coaching to help implement recommendations

The SEO Audit is Done: Now What?

The good news is that our SEO audits don’t just tell you the issues, but they give you the solutions and actionable steps to improve your rankings.  We write the report in plain, easy to understand language with steps that can either be implemented by your in-house developer or team, or you can inquire about an SEO package with Jonathon Hyjek and allow us to work to build your rankings.

To answer the question at the outset of this post:  Do you need an SEO audit?  For many, the answer will be YES without any hesitation.


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