The Key to High Rankings

The key to being on page one is complex yet at the same time, quite simple. Many brands and websites are doing “seo” without realizing that they are doing it because it comes naturally to them and their marketing. Getting to the first page of Google might be much easier than you think.

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Here’s the Secret:

Be good at what you do, talk about it on your website, talk about it elsewhere on the web, make other people talk about it and then talk about it some more.

That may be a very simplified way to look at it, but it’s true. The old days of marketing are long gone. Gone are the days when you could slap an advertisement in the newspaper every quarter and rely on it to bring you new business. You need to be everywhere, all the time but without being annoying. You need to be blogging about your business, your accomplishments, your product offering and blogging just to give helpful tips and information without self-promotion. In fact, these types of useful pieces of content are the ones that get shared and spread broadly across the internet and help your SEO efforts tremendously.

Blog Your Way to the Top

If you aren’t blogging or writing content on your company website on a fairly regular basis (more than once per week) then you are missing out on tremendous opportunity to get higher rankings. You may not be a great writer and that’s ok, because blogging doesn’t require you to be a prize winning writer; It requires that you have something to say and that your personality comes out in your writing.

Here’s a good method to follow that is sure to get you noticed by the search engines and it’s a great start or a local business with limited funds.

1.  Make sure your website includes a blog on the site. If the website is built on WordPress, that’s easy.

2.  Write a blog post at least once per week. Make sure it’s not completely promotional, but actual has some value. Give tips, tricks or information about your product or service and take time to educate your readers.

3. Tweet your new blog post out to your Twitter followers and post it to Facebook as well. Make sure people see it.

4. Hopefully you have written something that gets shared, re-tweeted and commented on.

5. Rinse and Repeat.  Do this as often as you can to generate discussion and soon enough you have visitors and your search engine rankings will improve.

One Step Down, 20 to Go

As I said before, this is an oversimplified way to improve search engine rankings, but it works. It’s not the ONLY thing you need to concern yourself with though. There are other elements to SEO and each step you take will further improve your rankings.


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