First Apple Product….GASP

All I have to say is…I love early Christmas presents!

In the world of online marketing, web design and SEO, it’s almost unheard of to not have an iPhone, iMac, MacBook Pro or an iPad.  The truth is that I never really liked all the hype associated with Apple products. I like to go against the grain just a little bit and didn’t want to get an i-Something, just because everyone else was. If there wasn’t a solid business case for me to get an Apple product, I would gladly stay with my Desktop PC or my Laptop PC. Both do what I need them to do just fine and cost about 1/2 as much as a similarly equipped Apple product.

But finally the day has come when testing websites on an iPad is standard. It was becoming harder and harder to test websites strictly using an iPad emulator; I needed to get my hands on an iPad so I could test out how new websites would work and see first-hand how an end-user, surfing from an iPad would interact with a website. About a month ago I got a new 16GB iPad Air and I have to admit: I love it! It’s sleek, light and intuitive. It does what I need it to do and more. I’m able to carry it to meetings in place of my clunky old Dell Laptop and no longer have to wait 5 minutes for my laptop to boot up, all the while trying to make small talk with my clients. Beyond looking cool and feeling a little more “hip,”  the iPad Air is great for testing out new websites under development so that we can make sure that not only will they work great on a PC or Laptop, but they will also work well and look amazing using an iPad.

When looking at a new iPad, there were a number of options, but I opted for the least expensive version simply because I don’t need all the bells and whistles that some of the more expensive models have. More storage space really wasn’t a concern for me, since I don’t plan on storing much on the iPad. All my files are either stored on my 100+ GB Dropbox or my 100 GB Google Drive. I also didn’t need a 3G model because I can easily tether my ANDROID phone to the iPad if I need internet access.
Has the new iPad increased the possibility of buying another Apple product in the future? Maybe! In the past I had totally ruled it out based on price, but now after using the iPad for a month, I will admit that you get what you pay for. If their Macbooks Pro’s and iMac’s are as good as the iPad Air, then I would consider it. What I love most about the iPad Air is the battery life. I can use it for at least 3x longer than I can use my laptop, meaning that even after heavy use, I can easily get through a day without the need to recharge it.

What are your thoughts on Apple products? Are they worth the extra cost? Or are you sticking with other less expensive brands/products?


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