A Focus Problem…

I’ve setup blogs on various websites that I owned from time to time and for one reason or another, I abandoned them time and time again. Is it because I don’t have anything to say?  No.  That’s certainly not the issue.

The issue most often can be traced to a lack of focus.

If you’re an entrepreneur and specifically an idea person, you might be able to relate.   I wake up each day with a mind full of ideas.  Each day is a new day that I can explore ideas that seem to come out of nowhere.  Often I will be driving down the street or sipping a cup of coffee and a bright idea that needs to be explored shows up in my head and I NEED to take some time to explore it.  While this type of idea generation is what drives our world and brings new ideas to the marketplace, it can also be somewhat of a curse if you don’t manage your time and energy wisely.

Recently I was meeting with a seasoned business professional and this very topic came up.  I explained that I am an idea person, which I always saw as a unique trait.  He was quick to point out that while it was a good trait to have, it can also cause a lack of productivity and effectiveness.  After leaving the meeting, I had a lot of think about.  Can I trace my lack of focus to a lack of productivity of effectiveness?  It was a hard thing to think about, but it was a necessary and there was some truth to the statement.

The Solution…

Ideas aren’t bad at all.  They’re very beneficial, but learning what to do with the ideas can be the difference between being productive and successful or moving from one half-finished idea to another.  The best way to combat this is two-fold:

1.  Learn to sift through the good ideas and the bad ones and don’t spend a lot of time doing this.  Quickly toss out bad ideas as they just waste precious time and resources.  Some ideas should be a flat out “no” while others just might need to be filed in your mind as “not right now.”

2.  Learn to be accountable to someone.  This could be your spouse, a business partner or a colleague.  All I’m saying is this; If you have people that can help you stay focused, you are more likely to stay on track.


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