Good SEO: Creative vs. Technical

There seems to be a wide variety of SEO experts that offer services in various cities around the globe and their talents are just as diverse as their geographic locations. Some SEO’s spend all their time focused on the mechanics and technology of search engine optimization, while others focus more on the marketing and creative aspects of SEO.

Which Way is the Right Way?

That’s not an easy question to answer because it’s going to depend on the stage that your company and your website is currently at. For example, for an established brand with a strong marketing behind them, they may need a more technical SEO to analyze their website structure in detail, scan their HTML or other coding to make sure there are no issues or to dig through your Analytics data to find an issue. Don’t get me wrong. This is an important task and should be done, but that’s not all there is to SEO either.

Good SEO starts with a plan. A plan that involves the previous elements mentioned, but also goes on to address branding, your message, your target markets, where your target market spends their time online and how to reach them. A good SEO will help you to connect with your audience online through persuasive copy that resonates with your audience, hits them at the heart level and creates an action or reaction.

The SEO professional who is able to create a reaction and connect with your audience through effective and persuasive content may not be the same person or company that’s able to dig through your html code and find the errors.  On the other hand, it might be the same person or company.

A good SEO company is going to have a great blend of both creative individuals, but also a technical side as well. Finding both of these traits in a freelance SEO may or may not happen, but here’s a tip: If you’re looking for an SEO and you find one offering services for $10 per hour on an internet forum, run the other way. A good SEO knows their worth and it’s definitely not $10 per hour. It’s more than likely $100+ per hour and in some cases much, much more.through your code, or comb through your website structure to determine the issue.

SEO is one case where you get what you pay for


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