Accidental Long-Tail Keyword Success

One of the websites that I co-own and manage is enjoying some wonderful long tail keyword success! I love logging into Google Analytics each day and looking at how people found the website.

On a side-note, it’s always fun to look at what people actually type into Google to find a website. Some people really don’t get search engines…

The website in question has a lot of content on it and I suspect that’s why it’s getting the long-tail keyword searches. With enough content on almost any website, it’s almost inevitable that you end up with traffic from long-tail keyword searches. In fact, it makes one take a good look at all the content on a website and ensure that there’s enough of it to tempt the search engines to rank the website well for these searches.

Of course there’s that list of coveted keywords that every website wants to rank for, but maybe we (myself included) spend far too much time optimizing for those few valuable keywords, all the while, missing out on the vast amount of traffic that’s available for the taking from those odd long-tail searches.

The best thing about the long-tail success that I am having, is that it’s accidental so it means the website doesn’t look spammy.  I didn’t try much at all; It just happened.

What’s the key to long-tail keyword success?

1 word: CONTENT

It’s as simple as that.  No blackhat SEO tricks, no keyword stuffing, no spammy content.  Just real, quality, fresh content and lots of it.


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