Stop It! SEO Practices You Should Stop Doing Now

This is somewhat of a rant and I apologize now if I offend you. 🙂

SEO has changed A LOT in the past 10 years and for the most part, it’s changed for the better. Google’s main focus is on quality, not on old spammy SEO tricks that once worked.

There are still a lot of people out there that either don’t keep up on SEO trends or don’t care that their old methods have become obsolete. They’re pounding away at old, out-dated SEO methods that Google sees strictly as web spam. The funny thing is that their frustration with the old methods doesn’t cause them to stop, but seems to cause them to keep doing it (whatever “IT” is) with greater frequency and volume!

I have just two words for you: STOP IT!

  • Stop buying/selling 5000 .edu backlinks for $20 and expecting big results.
  • Stop buying low quality articles by the dozens and spamming article directories.
  • Stop trying to hide keywords on a page with white text, or sentences that make no sense.
  • Stop selling footer links to random websites for a few bucks.
  • Stop your subscription to your private blog networks. Most have been de-indexed anyway.
  • Stop submitting your website to 1000 low quality directories.
  • Stop scraping content from other websites.
  • Stop building low quality websites/niche websites.
  • Stop buying backlinks entirely.
  • Stop posting the SAME article everywhwere.
  • Stop trying to scam the system.
  • Stop thinking that there’s a magic SEO bullet.


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